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24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Bp Monitoring Test

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is a 24-hour automated test that tracks your blood pressure at regular intervals while you go about your daily activities. The word ‘ambulatory’ means ‘on the move’, and this test is designed to record your blood pressure readings as you carry out your routine tasks.

ABPM tests use a digital blood pressure monitor, a small, portable battery-operated device that is connected to a cuff around your arm, and the monitor is attached to a belt around your body. It takes only 5-10 minutes to install, and the machine is compact enough for you to wear during your normal daily activities and even while sleeping. The machine is programmed to take your blood pressure readings at regular intervals throughout the day and night, with the frequency varying according to the patient.

After a day of monitoring, our cardiac doctor will remove the machine and cuff and download the blood pressure readings for further analysis. Our doctor will then review the entire blood pressure readings and provide a summarized report about your blood pressure control during your follow-up appointment. The report will be explained to you in detail, and our doctor will recommend any necessary treatment or lifestyle modifications to help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

24-Hour Ambulatory BP Monitoring is recommended to the

  • Patients with irregular hypertension due to certain environments, whose BP measurements are high in the doctor’s office but falls within the normal range when taken at home.
  • Patients with known hypertension to see how well the medications are working or need to be changed or adjusted
  • Patients with uncontrolled or resistant hypertension who has complications of hypertension (eg. heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure or stroke) , who does not respond well despite being on anti-hypertensive medications.

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