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Cardiac Consultation Evaluation

Medwin Heart Care Clinic offers comprehensive non-invasive diagnostic cardiovascular services for the patients. This includes clinical consultation with the top Cardiologist in Navi Mumbai, Dr. Rishi Bhargava and various tests to diagnose and manage your heart problems. We believe that prevention of heart disease offers the best outcome, and we offer services designed to promote primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

We offer comprehensive cardiac consultation that involves evaluation of clinical data, past medical history, available investigations and examination findings so as to come to a diagnosis and provide you with suitable solution to prevent or treat the medical condition.

Heart Disease Prevention Program

Our Heart Disease Prevention Program is designed for people at risk of heart disease, due to presence of various co-morbidities or diseases.

Our Heart Disease Prevention Program include medical risk assessment, behavioural risk assessment, modifications in lifestyle, and planning a comprehensive and personalized treatment. Several questionnaires about medical history, diagnostic tests and lab tests such as blood and urine tests are taken. During the testing period, various measurements are taken to assess body composition, lung function, strength, and flexibility. During your follow-up visit, we review your results with you and provide lifestyle suggestions, appropriate medications, health counselling and other community resources that promote lasting, healthy behaviour change.

Dietary And Lifestyle Consultation

Cardiac diseases majorly affect the heart and its blood vessels. Irregular heart rhythms, coronary artery disease, shortness of breath, chest pain, vascular disease, congenital heart conditions, heart attack, and stroke come under Cardiac Diseases. Cardiac Diseases are the most common causes of death globally. Behavioural factors like tobacco consumption, limited physical activity, obesity and unhealthy diet contribute to most cardiac disease. It’s high time that we start taking care of our heart health seriously. The first step includes marking out all risk factors or symptoms and taking corrective actions against them. Changes in lifestyle and dietary plan can be our biggest weapons against any heart disease. Even our small dietary and lifestyle changes according to your risk factor are enough to make your heart healthy.

Medwin Heart Care Clinic, the most trusted Cardiologist Clinic in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai has designed dietary pattern guidance to achieve support heart health, nutrient adequacy, general well-being, and encompass personal preferences, ethnic, religious practices, and life stages. In general, heart-healthy dietary patterns contain primarily fruits and vegetables, foods made with whole grains, healthy sources of protein (mostly veggies, fish and seafood, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, vegan food and if meat or poultry are desired, lean cuts and unprocessed forms), liquid plant oils, and minimal processed foods. The plan also include low in beverages and foods with added sugars and salt. Adapting healthy lifestyle for healthy heart can reduce all of the modifiable risk factors for heart disease, heart attack and stroke that includes to quit smoking, being physically active every day, aim for healthy weight, reduce stress, limit alcohol and much more. With our personalised program, our cardiologist suggests Dietary and Lifestyle Consultation that will help us all lead longer, healthier lives.