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Cardiac Rehabilitation After Heart Disease ,Intervention And Surgery At Medwin Heart Care Clinic

Heart specialist in kharghar

Medwin Heart Care Clinic in Kharghar offers an outpatient, medically supervised program for patients with cardiovascular disease or those recovering from heart surgery or a cardiac procedure. Our cardiac rehabilitation program focuses on lifestyle modifications and exercise, with close monitoring by our medical team. Each patient receives a tailored care plan designed by our team of multidisciplinary experts, which includes cardiologists, nurses, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, and registered dietitians.

Our dedicated program aims to empower patients in managing their heart health by providing exercise training, physiotherapy, education, emotional support, and encouraging lifestyle modifications such as adopting a healthy diet and stress management techniques. Our cardiologist in Navi Mumbai at Medwin Heart Care Clinic provides patients with the skills and confidence to live healthier and more active lives, while lowering their risk of heart disease and its consequences.
Our Cardiologist in Kharghar at Medwin Heart Care Clinic gives you and your family the information, support and treatment you need to return to everyday life. Cardiac rehab is an important part of your long-term recovery, so consider it as seriously as taking your medications. Your chances of having a successful cardiac rehabilitation program completely rely on you. The more committed you are to following our rehabilitation program’s recommendations, the better you’ll do.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs typically have a duration of 10-12 weeks, with each session lasting around 1 to 2 hours. These sessions are usually scheduled on weekdays between 9 am to 5 pm, which may require you to take time off work. Your commitment during this period can significantly improve your long-term recovery.