Preventive Cardiology And Its Importance

Preventive Cardiology

We live in a difficult world where we nonstop work in a stressful environment. Our everyday tasks undoubtedly drain us. Hence, it is important for us to take a pause and follow preventative measures to avoid any life-threatening disease as well as maintain our mental and physical energy.

People who are diagnosed with heart disorders or suffering from risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or obesity must regularly get their heart check-ups done. Young or middle-aged people who have a strong family history of cardiac conditions may have more chances of inheriting the disease unless they follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, it is better to know about your body and most importantly your heart.


What Is Preventive Cardiology?

Preventive cardiology prevents the possibilities and risk factors that cause heart disease, reduces the build-up of plaque and blockages in arteries and heart as well as reduces the risk of sudden heart attack and failure with non-invasive cardiology procedures and diagnostic tests. Preventive cardiology has three levels:

  1. Primary Level Prevention: These preventive measures are for young kids, infants, pregnant women, and adults who do not have any heart ailments. For the prevention of heart disease, a personalized plan is made that includes a healthy diet and lifestyle, daily exercise, physical activity, yoga, and other positive mental health management techniques.
  2. Secondary Level Prevention: These preventive measures are for individuals having risk factors that cause heart diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, obesity, smoking, high stress levels, and genetic history. People who fall under this category must follow annual heart check-ups to diagnose any heart ailments at an early stage and take necessary preventive measures.
  3. Tertiary Level Prevention: These preventive measures include interventional cardiac treatments, procedures, and rehabilitation techniques such as diet counselling, tailored exercise programs, yoga, medications, and more to treat patients who have cardiac disease or are at high risk of cardiac events such as heart attack or heart failure. 


When choosing the right treatment, consider your heart condition and the level of expertise needed for the same. Consider an advanced cardiac center or a doctor who specializes in treating your common or unique cardiac disease. This will affect the quality of care, treatment, and the level of trust.



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